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Kubuntu 18.04 LTS Sistem Operasi yang User Friendly

Penjelasan tentang kelebihan Kubuntu 18.04 KUBUNTU Kubuntu 18.04 baru saja dirilis pada 26 April 2018 kemarin. versi yang dirilis merupakan versi LTS yang akan di dukung selama 3 tahun oleh KDE Plasma 5.12 dengan berbagai macam fitur. Kubuntu hanya memerlukan sekitar 370MiB RAM saat idle. Ini hampir sama ringannya seperti Kubuntu dan Lubuntu. Info Dasar dari Kubuntu 18.04 Nama: Kubuntu Versi Rilis: 18.04 Kode : Bionic Beaver Tanggal Rilis: 26 April 2018 Durasi duku...


How to create users and groups in CentOS 7

Adding and removing users is one of the most basic tasks that you should know how to do Create a new user: adduser username replace username with the user that you want to create. Give your user a password so that they can log in: passwd username You will be prompted to type in the password twice to confirm it. Now your new user is set up and ready for use! You can now log in as that user, using the password that you set up.  Create a new group: groupadd groupname  List users in gr...

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Restrict SSH Logins by User and Client Address on CentOS / RHEL

How to restrict ssh logins by user and client address on CentOS/RHEL CentOS/RHEL 7 allows nested configuration in " /etc/ssh/sshd_config ". The following is an example :sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_configAdd the following line :AllowUsers user1The following example demonstrates that the user “testuser” can be logged in from only, and the rest of the listed users can login from any host. Note that you need to list all the users who can be allowed to login, which is the downside of ...

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Create new user in MySQL and give it access to database

This article describes how to do common MySQL database administration tasks from the command line using the mysql program. Try this to create new user in MySQL and give it access to database: CREATE USER 'username'@'hostname'; set password for 'username'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('password');  Try this to give it access to the database dbname : GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON dbname.* To 'username'@'hostname' IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; or with grant option :GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE,...

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Configure Different User Per Virtual Host on Nginx

For security reasons, you shouldn’t run all your NGINX virtual hosts with the same user. If you run all your websites with the same user ( www-data or nginx ), a PHP call to " system() / passthru() / exec() " will have access to all websites! Nginx will not protect you against this. PHP is just an example, but any popular web-server language has similar calls. As a hacker, you can “ls ..” to navigate through all websites and “cp / echo / mv ” to write your own code in any fi...

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